Hayley Rourke


Hi my name’s Hayley Rourke (they/them or she/her). I’m a queer gender non-conforming artist located in Toronto, Ontario, and a recent graduate of Randolph College for the Performing Arts. Since graduating my colleagues and I have created a collective entitled Skeletons collective where we devised a movement-based play entitled Fishbones. As a group, we hope to perform a variety of new works including Fishbones in the New Year.

I’m inspired by film and physical performance art and hope to be a part of multidisciplinary work that challenges people, gender, and the notion of what film and theatre can be. Coming from a dance background my body and the connection with my peers is a vital part of my work. I’ve taught children for over 10 years now and have gotten to share a special bond with each of my students. Teaching Is very important to me. I ensure each child is comfortable by going at their own pace then safely encouraging them to grow as dancers and as people. I believe in representation, diversity, and accessibility. As a teacher and performer, I will strive to ensure change within the industry and not look past these things. We must hold ourselves accountable.